about us
"Gaining the trust and confidence of our clients is our number one priority!"
"Blunt But To The Point! We Do What is Best for the Client Given Their Circumstances" California Has Too Many Lawyers (in addition to numerous legal service websites and specialty vendors). We know. It’s hard for you to pick the right one. We get it. Trusting someone with your legal problems is definitely the most difficult (with thousands of dollars on the line). We understand.

Time is precious for both of us. We don't like to beat around the bushes but we like to give it to you straight. This may offend some people but this is not a hospitality business. If you want “sugar coated” advice or service, then we are not the ones for you.

Legal issues must be looked at with the most objective eye based on the law with focus on what is best for the client (in each of their unique circumstances). Of course, this will all be done without compromising our utmost advocacy and zeal for the client. Whether transactional or litigation, we are here for you! But, unlike other bigger law firms, we want to cut to the chase so your time and ours are not wasted. You may not hear what you want to hear but we will help you untangle and navigate through your legal issues one at a time for your best interest.

Call now to speak to attorney Ho-El Park directly (leave a message if you desire a return call for cases that Mr. Park can handle – as he will not call you back for issues he does not handle or believe it’s not worth both of our time). Rest assured, our goals will be the same – that you obtain the best possible solution for your legal issues.